Saturday, January 23, 2010

Google - China : Just a few lines !


pradip said...

perhaps gooogle authotities have forgotten that this is china not india where they can display any confidential sites!!!!!!!!!!!
what a daring move on limiting overwhelming search of china's secret or official sites!!!!!!!!!!
why india does not put such kind of media restriction??????????

Hari said...

Yeah,good idea........
keep it up

pradip said...

india is the only kind of country where even combat actions like 26/11 are being displayed and broadcasted live by media and indirectly helping terrorist kingpins and masterminds on each and every strategic move by combat forces of india that results into obstruction on the part of combating forces and led to e untimely casualties at combat force end!!!!
why media did all the broadcast for just increasing the TRP at the expense of our combat forces??????
why should they not be prosecuted for this deadly crime???
so in this context whatever china did was very correct step for them!!!!
and indians should learn this discipline from china !!!!!