Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nano problems


Cartoonist said...

CRACKER, no doubt !
But, a bit more attention to proportion.. :)

avnish said...

Malik gr8!!!!
But cows seems to be cloned one, very big one

pradip said...

boss these bulls are roaming on roads leaving stock market and stock holders roadpati instead of crorepati!!!!!!! sab ko raaste pe laaa diya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now they are left none option other than cheap car like nano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mou said...

I imagine a scene at the busiest square Raj Mahal Chowk at my present place Bhubaneswar with the arrival of this new Nanhe Munhe Mehman on roads.
I imagine if I can go back a few years and start riding a two wheeler.
I also imagine Patra babu a peon in the Secretariat here will be a proud owner of a car.

Pulbaj said...